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Wood Creek Dental - Waiting Room Art Gallery "The Tour."

As you walk through the front doors into the entryway you are greeted straight ahead with:

Healing Light: an interpretation of Kintsugi art, a philosophy that makes no attempt to hide damage nor sees a broken object as discardable or worthless because of damage. On the contrary, it is seen as an opportunity to create something beautiful, to give it a story of hope. It takes broken pieces and illuminates the repair process with gold, treating it with intention and adding value to the piece that it hadn’t possessed prior to the breakage. Brokenness and repair are then honored as part of the history of the piece, highlighting the process of the repair and the outcome of it rather than a story of brokenness and waste. This piece was created to leave an impression on those that view it: What if our human brokenness was treated like kintsugi art - an opportunity to create a story with empathy, grace, and kindness? - making room to add value instead of shame or discard to lives around us as everyone has a story of brokenness and repair.

To your right in the entryway is:

Laughing Light: Capturing the brightness of the eyes that comes with pure, genuine laughter and the joyful frequencies that harmoniously dance through the air around us naturally delivering healing light to any heart that catches hold of its message..."to let go, just having a moment to not take life so seriously." It makes our burdens lighter our days brighter, where we can see the humor maybe even in our darkest moments. Genuine-loving laughter is a gift that lights up the world. May you be blessed with moments of creative humor and genuine laughter.

Through the doors into the waiting room, check-in and continue straight to the back wall:

Illumination: There are moments lit up with golden-warm rays of light enabling us to see with a fresh perspective–illuminating our textured path along life's journey of highs and lows. It’s not the light itself but the color of light, the golden brilliance, which is gentle and lends a perspective that is honest and graceful. This light is powerful and transforms the space we find ourselves in. It’s not a harsh white light that confronts and exposes all of our flaws which leaves us as a product of that light projecting it on the flaws of others.

No, this light is "completely other than" because of its gentle golden rays of hope illuminating things with a soft golden hue. This changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us, the way we understand things, and the way we had formerly believed things to be.

Illumination lifts you out of the darkness to see things with loving clarity. It shifts our focus to the beauty that is created by what this light is shining on, in, and around us. Where we, having spent time in the light, become a channel of this light.

On each side of "Illumination" are:

Reflective Lights 1 & 2:

Where we, having spent time in the light, become a channel of this light... "

...The echoes of Light create reflections highlighting the things it touches out to the vast horizon much like a drop of rain in a lake creates a ripple effect well beyond itself.

Each act of kindness, grace & truth, a smile, encouragement…these things light up the world and touch so many lives beyond our own in organic ways. We will never know the effects one kind word had on a person, and how it may have the power to completely shift a mindset.

A smile or kind word given

to a person becomes a vast treasure as it is given into the life of someone that pays it forward to another person who pays it forward - so on and so forth. We may never know how “Illumination” within us has impacted and changed things like a ripple effect across the globe by one small act of kindness. If we want to change the world, it starts with the small changes we are willing to make within ourselves, having spent time with this light our countenance changes, and therefore the lives we touch change.

As you continue to turn right toward the center of the room:


The reverberation of a life influenced by “Illumination”. The life that carries with it a sweet healing sound that travels far beyond its place of origin. An evolution occurs as it connects with various surfaces, the nouns of life: people, places, and things. Like healing music to the soul this reflective sound like a melody moves from these places of connection and a new sound path is pioneered that carries the original pulse to its next destination, creating harmony as they connect with gentle rhythmic flow. Resonance is a powerful reminder of the transference that our tone, our voices, our attitudes, our energy creates - and how that points back to its origin of Illumination through the connections made daily consciously or unconsciously.

Continue to the far right corner of the room back towards the entryway:


Laying in the light of the sun on a sandy beach listening to the weight of a rushing wave crashing on the shoreline that creates an elegant white water surge of energy that washes over you. The experience: the feel of the cooling water mixed with the warm sun on the sand, the calming colors and sounds of the waves, and smell of the salty breeze in the air. This collision can so capture you that for a moment, nothing else in the world matters. This is a cleansing moment when we feel the metaphorical cleansing light and waves wash over us, refreshing our mind and gently coming up to take the excessive burdens that we’ve been carrying off our shoulders pulling them far out to sea. Cleanse tells the story where two worlds collide, where the forces of these two worlds coming together create a beautiful transformation that refreshes the soul and leaves one better than before. Rested, rejuvenated, and ready to see the world with fresh eyes.



Absolutely beautiful and such deep meaning! Thank you for sharing your light and creativity!

Chris & Christine Armfield
Chris & Christine Armfield

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. We are so thankful our art speaks to you.

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