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C&C Design Creatives

We met in a place of seeking beauty and creating art in various forms and soon realized that our synergy created something cohesive as our inner creative, visionary, and all-things-art collided. This year we decided it was time for our brand to match our partnership.

We both felt like we needed a brand that tells more about us and how we like to move from different creative spaces to the next - a brand that would connect us as partners and grow with us as our creativity expands and innovates with our visionary side. C & C Design Creatives encompasses our ever-growing curiosity and passion for art from fine art gallery curation to personal commission pieces, to branding companies, interior design, and more in the works. Each category created with passion that continues telling the story where vision and precision harmonize to produce original and uncompromised beauty.

Part of our new brand is the logo which is meaningful to us because the symbolism behind it It's created with two Cs that create the "and" symbol together, representing Chris & Christine C is the third letter in the alphabet - 3 is a significant number to us because 3/3 is our anniversary. If you reverse the design it's in the shape of a 3, to us this is a vision of facing forward with the shape captured in the middle pointing forward, meaning we are personally committed to learning from the past by acknowledging it and evolving, changing, and growing from a place of learning and experience. Our logo captures us as a team being better together when humility propels us to encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Our love for art doesn't stop at painting or sketching, it reaches into curating spaces beautifully, being precise with lines, and other times just letting go and having fun. One side of our interest teaches us the importance of precision - like branding the other helps us be free and let go - as we intuitively create unique art pieces that tell a meaningful story. Both require vision in order to be creating anything at all.

We appreciate the opportunity to capture our client's vision so that we can create unique commissioned original art pieces. Providing our clients with a process that captures and reflects what they want to be communicated in their space. We are humbled and so grateful when the art we create from our hearts, intuitively, connects with others. We absolutely love when people can feel the spirit behind the art we create.

Whatever we design or create we want our art to raise the "energy" of the planet in the spirit of how we do things. We desire to do things with love, peace, respect, empathy, kindness, honesty, integrity, passion, and grace.

C & C Design Creatives - is our brand, our story of who we are and what we do:

Chris and Christine Armfield partnering as Design Creatives.


Jan 17, 2023

I like your art and style very much

Chris & Christine Armfield
Chris & Christine Armfield
Mar 09, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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